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Thank-you again for all the love, support and prayers!

We are SO happy to be home, albeit temporarily for Steve. He returns to Mayo on Tuesday for a follow-up on his Bravo 48hr Test, actually follow-up on all GI tests and also for follow-up with the Neurologist, plus to get a nerve-root block on his T6-T8 discs.

Although we still don’t have the exact diagnosis, we have found several issues along the way that could be causing the pain, and have also ruled out some causes.  It has been by far the most expedited, medical experience!

So far Steve has been diagnosed with the following:

-         Hiatal Hernia (stomach bulges into the chest)

-         Herniated Thoracic Disc – T6, T7 & T8

-         Myocardial Bridging (about 30%)

All of these could be causing the pain, although they usually don’t cause the amount of pain Steve is feeling.  But, the great thing with the Mayo is they don’t rule anything out just because statistics are against you, or because ‘you’re too young’! If you were to ask me (Sharon) what my best advice/pearls of wisdom was following this experience, I would say to go with your gut AND get a second opinion.

Even with the wonderful, highly recommended cardiologist at home, what he wrote off so easily as an artifact, was in fact something (myocardial bridging), that although at 30% isn’t serious, it’s something to watch down the road. Good to know!

We also had the privilege of meeting several patients during our stay, and they would echo what I just said.  The one lady had been misdiagnosed a few times because she was told she was too young to be having what she described.  She’s having radiation for cancer now, which is spread all over her body and has been there 3 weeks already.  The special friend I made, Jenny-from-Idaho, started chemo on Thursday for breast cancer.  She was initially told by her Doctor’s office her results were negative and she was fine, only be called back the next week to be told actually she did have breast cancer.  Her husband’s grandmother thought of the Mayo Brothers as up there with the apostles’, and no matter what ailment, she’d pack the family in the car and drive to Rochester. I can completely understand that – (I also understand that they can’t save everyone) but, I don’t think anyone leaves Mayo without feeling like they were treated like a person, not a number, and were also taken seriously. Even the administrative staff are rooting for you! Steve and I felt so loved by them, and were just so impressed by the caliber of the employees and volunteer’s, and the compassion they showed.

I’m sure Steve will have an update too, but he’s still sleeping, as this has been a rigorous few weeks (months if counting the onset of the chest pain).  He has done such an amazing job, and doesn’t complain with the tests/pain/discomfort – he’s my hero! If I have a headache the world knows! Lol!

We did have a long drive home though as the chip in his esophagus ‘pulls’ each time he swallows, and I could tell he was in pain – I was driving, and night-time is NOT my favorite, let alone out in the middle of no-where.  But PRAISE THE LORD we got home safe and sound!  It was wonderful to see our precious Graden again! We also enjoyed celebrating his 3rd birthday yesterday!

Thank you again, and we’ll keep you posted as we hear more results/updates!

Love Steve, Shaz & Graden

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