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Day 7 – October 8th 2013

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Although this has only been our 4th business day at the Mayo with appointments and procedures, it’s been a week since we left, and we’re pretty exhausted and REALLY missing our baby boy!! We know he couldn’t be in better hands, and he’s loving every minute! The few times we’ve talked to him, he’s said good-bye to us and immediately resumed his playing, while us, on the other end, grab the tissues! Lol!

Anyway, with that said, we know that in the big picture, our job here is important, and to keep at it for this short season, and that our time away from precious Graden is very temporary in the long run! The progress we have made in such a relatively short time just amazes us.  In 4 days, Steve has had more procedures and results than in at least 6 months.

Yesterday we tied up the Cardiology, and apart from the Myocardial Bridging, have ruled out the heart as the single cause of pain.  Steve also had a Neurology Consultation.  Dr. Porter ordered another EMG (Poor Steve – he thought he was getting away with just the one!).  She ordered it because when he had the EMG at home, they only tested his arms and legs, not the area of pain – the chest.  (We understand why the Mayo is world renowned, they truly treat the whole body).  After the EMG early this morning, we hurried to the next floor as we had a Gastroenterology Consultation with Dr. Burdick. He explained that although rare, one can have an Esophageal Spasm, and when it’s pretty bad, it can mimic a heart attack, and they call that level a Nutcracker Spasm. Based on other symptoms Steve has, he is pretty confident that this could be part of the cause too.  He has ordered Steve to have a 48hr Bravo test, where they insert a capsule that has a radio transmitter in it, and he can ‘record’ the episodes on a portable recorder.  Dr. Burdick has also ordered a Rad Esophagus X-Ray, which is VERY uncomfortable…they go through the nose into the stomach. That is scheduled at 7:45am tomorrow! Yikes!


At noon today at the Phoenix location, Steve had the Thoracic MRI (as he’d only had the neck MRI back home).  He was a real trooper, as MRI ‘s have quickly become his least favorite thing to do!:)  After he was done, we went back to scheduling, and headed to the shuttle, when he got a call from Dr. Porter (Neuro) and she already had his MRI results! Talk about speedy!! She told him the found his T6 disc is bad and it is the exact location that causes heart pain (hopefully this is whats causing the pain!).  He has a consult with a nuero surgeon tomorrow afternoon affter all the morning tests to go over the results and options.

On Thursday, he has another GI Procedure (Esoph Manometry).

Steve is napping right now, as it’s not only been physically exhausting for him but also mentally.  For both of us actually, but if I nap now I won’t fall asleep tonight! Lol!

We didn’t expect this journey to be easy by any means, and also didn’t think that it would necessarily end with one cause, but we constantly tell each-other that this is truly a great example of our vows “in sickness and in health”, and that if we can get through this we can get through anything!

We are so grateful though for all your love and support, as the praying community is a powerful one! THANK YOU!

We miss you guys, and can’t wait to be home, but know that we’re in the right place to get my amazing, wonderful husband back to full health.

Steve & Shaz

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