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Day 2 – October 3rd 2013

Thank you SO much for your continued prayers and support! We are so grateful!

We started the day with Steve having a Cardiology Evaluation. The Cardiologist was VERY thorough, and had studied all of Steve’s previous test results prior to our appointment. Right off the bat she told us she had compared the CT Chest Scan and the Nuclear Heart Scan, and found the same abnormality on both – possibly something called a Myocardial Bridge. Which is amazing, as no-one else had thought to compare the tests, and in fact, Steve was told by his local Cardiologist that it was probably just an artifact on the scan. With that said, she has ordered a Cardiology Catheterization (Angiogram) that is scheduled for 9am tmrw! Which means arriving at the Phoenix Mayo Hospital at 7am! Which means waking up VERY early!:) Please keep Steve in your prayers as he will be semi-out when they do this test, it is invasive, but will prayfully give us a really clear idea of what’s going on, and what direction to take. They will keep him up to 6hrs after the procedure unless there’s a blockage in which case they’ll keep him over night.

After the cardiology appt he had some blood work done, and then he had a Cardiology Echocardiogram. Steve said it was the most thorough Echo he’s ever had! Who know he’d be such a pro! :)

Depending on how tmrw goes, he’s scheduled to see the Neurologist on Monday, and to have a Radiology CT (Head and Face) on Wednesday. The times and appt’s keep changing, as we try to make them sooner when possible or different tests are added. We are getting to know the layout VERY well, and I think some of the staff are getting to know these crazy-causal-Californians! :)

So far, we have been BLOWN away with the staff, and the efficiency! We feel like they really care, and really want to help us – we have been completely overwhelmed by their kindness and friendly, helpful attitudes! Even the sweet clerk at the front desk of the hotel said she’d bring us some of her personal board games for us to play! :)

Well, it is 8:45pm, and we are ready for bed! Lol! It has certainly been a long day, but has far exceeded our expectations for the first day here! We both said we feel like we accomplished more in 5 hours here at Mayo, than we have in 5 months back home. Not that we have a diagnosis yet, but that the number of tests and appointments we’ve had in one day spanned over months back home.

We are so thankful to the Lord for carrying us through thus far, and we are thankful to you for surrounding us in prayer!

Love you guys!

Steve & Shaz


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