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Day 1 – October 2nd 2013

Day One:  We ended up leaving a bit later than expected due to last minute things needing to be picked up or sent ahead.  By around 1pm we were smooth sailing through riverside.  At about this time we started pondering names for different parts of Gradens train layout that i am still building in the garage (more slowly these past few months).  We came up with some really good stuff just not an actual name for the railway.  We stopped for gas in Yucaipa and continued East on the 10 forever!  At a half  tank of gas we had already done 250 miles.  If i could only get that kind of mileage in the audi!  With no stops after getting gas in yucaipa, we made it to Scottsdale pretty quick.  Had a few problems checking in but all worked out in the end.  I am all ready for the first appointment tomorrow and hope it will go well.   So please be thinking of some great names for Graden’s (DADS) model railway line.  eventually all the engines will be painted with the name.   Thank you for all your prayers.  I will update again tomorrow.

Steve & Sharon


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